How did Christine Stadler take something so simple & turn it into disaster?

Christine Stadler wants you to believe that her experience and reputation will protect you, but that is not necessarily the case. First, she has to want to use her strengths to benefit you and your children. If she does not, then do not expect honesty from her – or even fair warning.

The Sheriff and Process Server

The Sheriff and Process Server attempted to serve Christine Stadler with a summons and complaint for a legal malpractice case, but for two years, Ms. Stadler refused to cooperate with all service efforts. She even told the process server, “Good luck with that!” when he tried to get an address where she could be served.

In court, when the judge questioned the lawyer as to whether she would provide an address to the plaintiff and process server, she replied, “Your Honor, I do not believe I have to provide that.”

If the lawyer believes she should not be prosecuted for misconduct, if she believes she has a valid defense, why go to such great lengths to avoid being served with the complaint?